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What Customers Say

I still drive my 1995 Lexus LS400 that is maintained in Factory condition - One of my "pet peeves" is seeing a car that has been in a collision and you can tell because one door is a different color than the other. When I brought my car to Pearson's I told the guy. "I'm very picky and I am looking for a real quality job. I will be your worst nightmare if the car doesn't look like it did originally". Dave at Pearson's told me that they use the highest quality materials and that the staff is very experienced... he said "I think you will be happy". When I got my car back I was ecstatic because it looked fabulous. You and your team did a great job!!

Justin E.

When I backed our Suburban into a mailbox I felt terrible: it only had 283 miles on it! I brought it into Pearsons and they had it back to me and looking great in just 2 days. Thank you.

Becky K.

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